We offer a comprehensive branding service which tackles your business or project from all angles.

We normally generate 3-4 ideas being generated, and we will consider typography, colour schemes.

The chosen idea might be revised 2-3 times before we arrive at something we’re both happy with.


There’s no single answer to the question of price.
For starters, the process in deciding on a quote for logo design depends on several factors. Such as, what is the intended purpose, how much development will the logo need to go through, is it necessary to look at the existing market and make a comparison, does the logo consist of text / a complex graphic / icon. Does it need a complex crest design, does it incorporate Arabic calligraphy or some other unique design aspects.

Intended purpose is important, because if your logo is for a personal brand, or a podcast, you might not put that value into it, and don’t want me to spend much time on it. Maybe you have a concept already established in your mind, and just want me to bring it to life, so to speak, so the process would be much shorter. The cost then has to reflect the value being added. If it’s for a business and you want to inspire confidence in your customer, we could be competing with a lot of other brands, and take our time to come up with something unique and memorable.

Generally speaking, I wouldn’t be charging less than £400 for any project.

If this is a brand that wants to be recognisable and established, then it’s good to invest at least £700 into the project.

What you get:

Brand Guide
Logo suite – icon, text, square/horizontal layouts, light/dark modes, delivered in SVG (vector) and PNG for online use
Guidance on colour schemes, fonts, textures, patterns
Icons – if applicable
Additional supporting graphics

Some past work

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